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About Us

About Us

SEAVISER offers comprehensive and value-added end-to-end solutions specific to your projects in your newbuilding, renovation and maintenance and repair projects. 

We are open to present the most up-to-date information and best practices in our projects by following the latest developments in the maritime sector with the long-standing classification organization experience of our company and our solution partners. 

We can guide you in the certification processes of equipment and products used in the maritime sector and in the compliance processes with national and international rules.

Our commitment to excellence and innovation is one of our core principles. We desire to be your solution partner to achieve your goals 

Our Services

Our Services

New Building Project Management

As in the general manufacturing sectors, project management in the shipbuilding sector is an interdisciplinary approach that includes planning, organizing, managing and controlling all stages in the workflow processes in detail. 

  •  Compliance with Project Objectives

  •  Equipment selection

  •  Latest technology and innovative solution proposals

  •  Compliance with project deadlines

  •  Change management in the face of problems or opportunities


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Renewal of Classification Certificates and Periodic Inspections

Class certificates guarantee that ships and ship equipment are manufactured in accordance with the standards and can be used safely. It is extremely important that these certificates are renewed regularly and that their periodic audits are carried out in accordance with the rules of the classification society.

  •  Pre Survey before class inspections

  •  Documentation support

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Technical Compatability

Ship construction to be carried out by being aware of the rules and regulations governing the marine structure being built should be one of the most important goals of shipbuilding in terms of time and budget.
If we summarize the main aspects that need attention during the construction of ships and marine structures, they can be listed as follows.

  •  Compliance with national and international rules

  •  SOLAS


  •  MED

  •  Classification Society Rules

  •  Flag State Rule

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Consulting Services for Pre-purchase Condition Surveys

A condition survey is an examination to assess the current condition of the vessel and the costs that may arise from potential future failures. As a result of the reports made, the company or brokerage firms that will make the purchase and sale have accurate and unbiased information about the ship. 

  •  Reliable reporting

  •  Pre-purchase and Sale Survey

  •  Condition Survey

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Classification Society Relations

In new construction and repair processes, the requests of the classification societies for the equipment to be used on the ship are forwarded to the shipyards and shipbuilders at the beginning of construction. These lists are derived from the experience of the classification society in a similar project or are suitable for the ship that is completely classified. 

  •  Certification adviser

  •  Recommendations for choosing equipment suitable for the project 

  •  Ensures you to avoid time loss

  •  We help you stay within your budget.

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Site supervisions

Construction supervision in shipbuilding is an important process for the smooth construction and operation of ships. This includes overseeing the construction process from project inception to final stages to ensure everything is executed according to specifications and standards set by shipowners and regulatory bodies.

  •  Shipyard supervision

  •  Construction checks on behalf of our clients


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