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Technical Compatability

Ship construction to be carried out by being aware of the rules and regulations governing the marine structure being built should be one of the most important goals of shipbuilding in terms of time and budget.
If we summarize the main aspects that need attention during the construction of ships and marine structures, they can be listed as follows.
     Capability and suitability of the shipyard
     Preparation of design documents and requests of the class societies to which they will be delivered
     Compliance of the marine structure to applicable regulations and inspection body requirements
     Building permit application processes
     Selection of equipment according to national or international rules
     Requests of the classification society or supervisory body to be selected
     Training and qualifications of the personnel to be employed
     Material selection 
     Compliance with the rules and requirements of the relevant inspection body for the supply of materials 
     Test and documentation preparations to be made in all processes of construction (FAT, HAT and SAT processes)

Seaviser advises you on the selection of construction materials, propulsion systems, machinery, auxiliary equipment and navigational equipment according to your requirements in line with the demands of the flag state and classification societies.

In line with the project budget and target, you can offer optimum solutions and plans and benefit from our experience in choosing the most appropriate shipyard, designer and subcontractor before construction on the competence of the shipyards and workshops to be built.

Thanks to our cooperation, the early identification of the elements that may pose a risk in your project processes ensures that you are committed to your goals in time, manufacturing quality and financing.

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