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Classification Society Relations

In new construction and repair processes, the requests of the classification societies for the equipment to be used on the ship are forwarded to the shipyards and shipbuilders at the beginning of construction. These lists are derived from the experience of the classification society in a similar project or are suitable for the ship that is completely classified. 
Lists of products to be certified should be carefully examined by the builders at the very beginning of the process and the products to be purchased and the certification criteria should be correctly transferred to the relevant sections. Incorrect product supply and incorrect evaluation of certification processes adversely affect the project time flow and construction quality, as well as cause work repetition and financial losses in all processes.

At Seaviser, we provide certification services at every stage of ship design and construction to guarantee compliance with national and international regulations. 

At Seaviser, we always strive to provide the best service by tailoring our expertise in the shipbuilding industry to the needs of our customers.

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