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Renewal of Classification Certificates and Periodic Inspections

 Class certificates guarantee that ships and ship equipment are manufactured in accordance with the standards and can be used safely. It is extremely important that these certificates are renewed regularly and that their periodic audits are carried out in accordance with the rules of the classification society.

During the renewal process of an existing ship's class certificate, it is determined that the ship complies with the requirements of all international codes and conventions, applicable national regulations and classification society rules to which it was subject at the time of construction or major modification. All systems and structural assessments on board are carried out by surveyors and reported accordingly. (If deemed necessary) the maintenance and repairs are witnessed in order to ensure safe navigation at sea, and the class certificate is then renewed if and when class society considers the results of the inspection to be appropriate.
While the production quality certificates of the products that continue to be manufactured in series are renewed (such as Type Approval Certificate), the principle is to comply with the most up-to-date versions of the rules and standards to which they are subject by design. If there are revisions in the requirements of the standards and rules, the test(s) are repeated in accordance with the current situation and the product enters a re-evaluation process. Upon determining compliance with the relevant new rules, the classification society publishes the new production quality certificate.
As Seaviser, we guide all our customers on the renewal of certificates and periodic audits. We also assist our clients in completing the documentation required for certification renewal processes and periodic audits.

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