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New Building Project Management

As in the general manufacturing sectors, project management in the shipbuilding sector is an interdisciplinary approach that includes planning, organizing, managing and controlling all stages in the workflow processes in detail. 

Project management in shipbuilding projects can be examined in general under the main headings as follows.

      Project planning
      Resource management
      Cost management 

      Risk management 
      Time management
      Quality management  

      Supply chain management
      Contact management
      Change management in the face of problems or opportunities
      Document management
      Project follow-up

  Project managers increase the efficiency of the project team by managing various stages or all stages in accordance with the person's own expertise and complete the processes in accordance with the project deadline and within the framework of the objectives and offer a quality result.

At Seaviser, we provide the highest quality of service to help our customers achieve their goals in shipbuilding projects. We are ready to add value to your project in processes such as design, construction, shipyard and supplier management, quality control. In order to meet the requirements and expectations of our customers, we carefully plan and manage every detail in our projects. As Seaviser, our aim is to closely follow the sectoral innovations and the latest technological developments and to offer the most up-to-date solutions to our customers. When you need expertise and competence in the field of project management in shipbuilding projects, you can work with us to ensure that your project processes proceed in the most efficient way.

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